Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ernie and Bert(ha): the Continuing Story

Well, our locally-resident Magpies now obviously have young, somewhere hidden inside that nest in a crotch of a nearby gum tree. I conclude this, because Bertha is going through the cheap-mince like it was going out of fashion, packing up her beak with stuff, only to zoom off to her nest. In the mornings, it's like Sydney airport here, what with the Magpies and the Lorikeets, the Friarbirds and Australian Ringneck Parrots; and, new addition, a pair of King Parrots. Plus whatever else comes along. Who needs pets? Who needs an aviary? And where the hell is air-traffic control when you need them, especially in the narrow confines of our wrap-around verandahs? Sometimes, when Bertha alights on a railing, she's accompanied by a flanking patrol of irate little Friarbirds, who try to make sure she doesn't get too close to their nest. It's like a couple of F-15s escorting a Russian Bear out of the local airspace!

Today, while I was away in distant Brisbane, Bertha, ever the forward and daring one of the Magpie pair, decided not just to take a sneak-peak into out kitchen, as she's done before...

...but also to make an inspection of the rest of the house.

My wife let her, and mercifully the bird decided not to do what she might well have done, namely pooped on the carpet and/or the furniture.

I wonder what's going to happen when the young become capable of flight! Mum and the 2-5 little ones... It's going to be like flier's apprentice central around our house.

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