Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guns? Who needs guns?

Medical student 'slays burglar with samurai sword'

A US student has killed a burglar with a samurai sword, slicing off his left hand and severely cutting his neck after he spotted the intruder in his garage...

Using a sword requires considerably more skill than a gun; it's more quiet and far less likely to end up killing people in the next room because there are no stray bullets to pass through thin walls.

But "severely cutting his neck"? Hmmfff. Not enough tameshigiri practice! Tut, tut. Back to the dojo for some more serious work!

I would also like to suggest that for home-use a wakazashi is far more appropriate, as it's more manageable and less likely to hurt bystanders.

Afterthought: The guy is probably going up for serious charges. The fact that the hand was lopped off suggests that the cut to the neck was an unnecessary act for the purpose of self-defense. If this is the correct scenario, it would also indicate that whoever taught this guy didn't do a good job of teaching him the self-control required of anybody in the martial arts.

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