Monday, September 28, 2009

Spanking and IQ

Here's a bit of very troubling science. Assuming the methodology and the conclusiveness of the methodology are credible, this would indeed have serious consequences.

Children who are spanked have lower IQ

...there are two explanations for the relation of corporal punishment to lower IQ.

First, corporal punishment is extremely stressful and can become a chronic stressor for young children, who typically experience corporal punishment three or more times a week. For many it continues for years. The research found that the stress of corporal punishment shows up as an increase in post-traumatic stress symptoms such as being fearful that terrible things are about to happen and being easily startled. These symptoms are associated with lower IQ.

Second, a higher national level of economic development underlies both fewer parents using corporal punishment and a higher national IQ.

Definitely food for thought.

And here's something else from biology, which represents a refreshing twist in looking at a question in a new way by completely rephrasing it. The article will take some thought to read, and many of you won't be interested; but those who are may find it intriguing.

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