Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KEAEN 2nd Edition - DOWNLOAD FREE for a limited period only!

Until the end of November you can now download a copy of the 2nd revised edition of Keaen for absolutely nothing. This copy can only be read on-screen. Printing and copying have been disabled.

The Second Edition has been revised majorly to:
  • Bring the narrative of the first book in the Tethys series into line with the sequels.
  • Get rid of some quaint-isms I'd rather not have in the book.
  • Remove some of the linguistic 'flattening' that happened as a result of the publishing process for the first edition.
  • Restore story elements that were removed in the process of preparing the book for the first edition.†
In return, I only ask for this: that you write and leave a review here.

This is, of course, a promotional exercise, intended to suck you into the story of Tethys and its people.

Warning: Some of these elements involve the deliberate violation of deeply ingrained social taboos.

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