Sunday, December 27, 2009

Book Promotion Scams

Seriously, would you even consider, for the slightest instant, using the services of someone offering to 'promote' your self-published book, if you got an email that contained, inter alias, the following phrase(s): is an online book marketing company, specializing in providing affordable, effective online book publicity marketing services for authors. To empower authors all around the world by offering highly-effective online book marketing services at easily affordable rates.

I do believe you are the author of the book entitled “Fontaine”. I came across your book and we are very much interested in helping you in promoting your book online and exposed it to vast number of audience wherein it could attract not just your potential book buyers, but as well as your general audience.

I shit you not! And then you can go to the web, where they advertise their services, and you get stylistic gems like:

Even if this is your first time self-publishing, there is no excuse for you to commit mistakes. Committing mistakes with your self-published book can project the perception that your work is made in an unprofessional way and this can significantly hinder your success.

I'm sorry, but who writes this crap? Did they commit the mistake of outsourcing their promotional copy to some non-native-English-speaking country? If so, it is definitely hindering their success. I'm thinking Nigeria...

Or maybe it won't make a damn bit of difference. The success of email scams suggests that there may be enough dimwits out there who will fork out the preposterous fees these people charge.

Yeah, that's got to be it...

Whenever we write, it is natural to miss a punctuation, or make a spelling and other typographical mistakes. But to allow these mistakes to appear on your book, will make your appear very unprofessional. Just imagine readers reading the blurb page and finding mistakes which could have been avoided if you only had somebody review it for you before printing and distribution.

Just imagine that...

Aside from marketing, some self-published authors also tend to make mistakes in distribution. Make sure that your target audience gets to have a chance to buy your book. Some authors overlook online distribution. There are cost-efficient online distribution channels where you can have your book made widely available to a targeted and hungry audience. the internet is becoming a convenient place for people to buy stuff that they want and need, so don’t overlook the online sales and distribution channel for your product.

Nigeria. Right?


Anonymous said...

Dear Till Noever,

I respect your impression towards But we want to inform you that the paragraphs which you were referring to as promotional copies are NOT by our company. I believe you got your quotations from the article “Self-Publishing – Avoid These Mistakes”, a re-posted blog entry from which was posted on our social networking sites. In case you missed to notice, a resource sub header (formatted in italic letters), implied that the blog entry was outsourced.

By the looks of the blog entry, the lines were clear that it wasn’t a promotional material, but an article which was written to express, suggest, and give opinion on the matters of self-publishing.’s intention on re-posting blog entries is not to persuade, but to provide greater understanding and varied opinion among authors worldwide.


Don Harold
Social Media Specialist –

Till said...

I acknowledge your response, insofar as they relate to the second block of quotes text in my blog—flimsy as the excuses made may be.

However, the first-quoted text is taken verbatim from an email sent to me directly. The style, syntax and grammar exhibit significant similarities to that of the 'outsourced' article...