Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Petty bureaucrats with nothing to do

Haven't blogged for a while. Paralyzed by too much to talk about. Currently I feel like I'm surrounded by morons, of the 'state' kind, be it Queensland or Federal Australian—and with a few choice bits and pieces thrown it from overseas, and it's "OMYFG, WTF is going on?"

There ought to be Darwin Awards for retarded public servants and/or politicians who would be outwitted by your average 3-inch roach—of which there are aplenty in Qld. You know the saying "Give a man a hammer and every problem gets to look like a nail"? Well, I think for public servants or politicians it's "Give a moron legislative capability and he'll start making rules to handle every problem".

I want to rant and rave about so many things that currently 'irk' me that I continue being paralyzed from too much choice. My response to this is to basically ignore these things. I might go back to the halcyon days where I was 'news free' for almost two years. I seem to recall that I seldom felt better. That would mean turning off every news bulletin, never listen to radio talk shows—even if they are on the non-commercial ABC, where the listeners and hosts often appear only marginally more intelligent than those on the commercial stations, and refuse to talk politics to anybody. That may be the most difficult thing, because it creeps into virtually every conversation you have with people.

A A A R G H H H !

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