Saturday, December 22, 2012

Facebook and School Shootings

"How are you feeling, Till?" 
You've got to be shitting me, right? I'm talking about the new prompt for Facebook's 'Update Status' box. Thing is, as T3 would say (with a thick Austrian accent of course, and sounding like a retard) "No, I am not shitting you!" 
 Because there it is, in plain sight. Not anymore "What's on your mind?" (Assuming that you have one, of course. A hairy assumption in many instances.) but about FEELINGS. Oh, man! FEELINGS! Could we get any more bleeech-blah??
"How are you feeling, Till?"

Well, I tell you how I'm feeling, Facebook! I feel combative, pugnacious, ready to rock and roll for some serious thinking—defying the urge to do some serious feeling and letting reasoned thought, the kind that takes into account the factors beyond the feelings-and-bullshit-thought, play second fiddle. Because you've got to ask the hard questions if you want to get a peek at the truth. The easy ones just give you shit. Stupid questions, stupid answers, stupid people.

In the spirit of that, I'd like to offer to those who actually want to think about stuff—instead of just rolling with the media, politicians, moralizers, know-it-alls, general speechfying and pontificating—the following two articles on a very touchy subject. Both come from writers with whose stances I often disagree, but with whom in this case I cannot disagree.

I have nothing to add to what they're saying regarding their topic, so let them speak for themselves.

But what I'd like to say—and this is my short post for today—is that the dumb-ass revision of the Facebook prompt is probably indicative of some of the real issues behind school shootings. Sounds like a long-shot connection? Well, think again. Think beyond the easy questions. Ask the next, harder question. Try anyway. It doesn't hurt as much as you might think.Indeed, you might find it liberating.

Oh, and following on from my previous post, here's another article for your edification. Makes you wonder about the Mayan calendar. The apocalypse comes in many guises. (Kidding! This isn't 'apocalypse'; just the predictable development of trends that have been in the making for many years.)

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